Everything that’s hot not always gives warmth… ☕️

Blue shady café with pillars, arch and the slanting roof. There hangs a yellow bulb ,inside the café. I sneaked into the café to escape the chilling winter of December in unknown city of Prague. I located the Billing counter and placed the order. Soon my eyes hit the perfect woody table with a woolen... Continue Reading →

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A Girl at the Airport

  first International Travel... Okay see you then…and Lena moved to baggage drop on a busy airport…..It was her first trip alone… She enquired the girl at the desk “Is the desk open for Lufthansa?”the girl replied “yes mam”… excited Lena went back to drag her luggage to desk but there was a long queue... Continue Reading →

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       Literature a literature on shed little girl going through that oh, she looked around and realized a contrasting world, high school maths and graduation class, she needed to follow the surround  , cudnt withhold her Literature's sound   she ran that race of grades being unable to embrace.... with the lavish and fun, passion... Continue Reading →

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Enjoy your Being

I live uncertain yet I have dreams I confine myself however I have wings I am choking out myself wherein I can take breath I am getting to be garbage wherein I can pick health I know I can accomplish ,I will and I hone In any case, I decide to simply postpone I want... Continue Reading →

The Basal Body Temperature

  Basal Body Temperature (BBT) is your body temperature at rest (wake up time). Every person has a unique basal body temperature; it is in slight variation to the standard body temperature. Basal body temperature can be utilized to understand the variation in normal condition and as a primary symptom for unknown disease, be it... Continue Reading →


Varkala has one of  the best beaches in India... its beautiful to stay at a cliff and enjoy mighty of waves in front... The main attraction is for the sea food lovers and people who enjoy Novels... Swim the waves, bask the sun and cherish the warmth of the leaves of your novel... Seasons to... Continue Reading →

Terrific 45 mins in Venice -Scary Canal

  A scene at the Train station in Venice, The city with no roads , just canals…Equisite city in water, including the Grand canal thoroughfare –lined with Renaissance and Gothic places.Gondola and speedboats are only means of travel!!!  So… These are your tickets for the Gondola, Please roam the maximum of your potential, have lots... Continue Reading →

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Sourced through Scoop.it from: wordpress.comPallavi Singh, BangaloreHey Girls out there, this is a quick note to help you dress up wisely this wedding season in your budget. There are lot many things to buy to look just perfect from Top to Toe and lot bucks need to be spent…huh, so here you can find smart... Continue Reading →

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