Invest in YOUR house


Successful person becomes An Inspiration to others and the God of his own life. Is it the skills which make someone successful and others failure/commoner? No! Everyone is blessed with one or the other skill. Still only handful of people make it to the success because they lack of determination to hone their skills and practice their passion to perfection. They easily let go their dreams wherein, one should keep tight hold. Achievers are asked about their mantra , planning and journey to the success which is often answered as “focused effort”. It’s true that it requires immense dedication and single minded persistent effort to conquer your goal and this is the reason not everyone becomes successful. Success is a result of hard work , dedication, determination, perseverance and opportunity. We set our goals and build our dreams but we lack positive effort to achieve it. No one achieved it just by setting goals but by working towards it everyday.

Only Positive thinking will not take you to your dreams

You will have to take positive steps to reach it!

Investment is the key to success…be it yours or someone else’s
It’s like investing the money. If you invest it for someone else’s house, he will become owner for that house not YOU. To become owner of the house, you will have to invest for your own House. We invest ourselves every moment in our office, school, home, play grounds and relationships. Make a fair choice! since the only reason of investing yourself is to fulfill dreams! How can you succeed if you are inattentively investing yourself in someone else’s dreams? Ask your inner conscience, if this investment taking you closer to your dream? Because any investment without Aim, caution and profit is a loss. You will loose grip on your dreams, then certainly you will not succeed. A wise investment can bring you closer to your dream about career, relationship, healthy life , harmony or any dream for that matter.

In a television show, the host invited the celebrity and then her friends and family was called upon. Nobody knew her friends who might have invested them selves for celebs dreams. The Celebrity was valuing her friends like a treasure. She told that her friend left her dreams and journey to stay with the her during her struggle days because celeb had fear of staying alone. Although it takes big Heart to keep your dreams at backseat to drive someone else dreams. Still, her friend was looking extremely timid, failure and modest in front of her celebrity friend, being valued part of her friends’ life and success might make her feel content but not successful . Although, nothing guarantees that celeb’s friend could be successful if she would have followed her dreams instead of supporting celeb “then struggling friend” but what if her friend had invested herself bit on her own dreams later or might have pursued her dream after helping out celeb. It could be her lack of determination and dedication towards her own dreams. It’s good to help others but one should keep note of their own milestones too. Nobody was ever sure of their success when they started but your hope and determination can make it happen!Mantra-21 (2)


Everything that’s hot not always gives warmth… ☕️

Fiction, love

Blue shady café with pillars, arch and the slanting roof. There hangs a yellow bulb ,inside the café. I sneaked into the café to escape the chilling winter of December in unknown city of Prague. I located the Billing counter and placed the order. Soon my eyes hit the perfect woody table with a woolen fur hanging on the chair near the window. I sat on the chair and my hot coffee followed. A Rich coffee☕️ with whipped froth. I tore the sachet of brown sugar ,stir and moved by the clunking sound of the spoon. The expertly crafted beans of the Latte made it delightful. Still the hot coffee could not conquer the bleakly feeling . Suddenly, A man dragged a chair and sat.. Granted his hand to hold my chilling fingers . His hands enveloped mine. Finally I could feel contented with the warmth of love . I was drawn towards him…

and then he proposed…

“My dear wife Bella, Let’s go home”

Coffee was indeed hot but sometimes all you want is warmth of love and coziness of relation…

A Girl at the Airport

Literature, travel


first International Travel…

Okay see you then…and Lena moved to baggage drop on a busy airport…..It was her first trip alone…
She inquired the girl at the desk “Is the desk open for Lufthansa?”the girl replied “yes mam” Excited Lena went back to drag her luggage to desk but there was a long queue ,Even after inquiring first she was 5th in the queue 😦 doing all the formalities Lena reached the Gate to board the flight . Flight was delayed by 3 hours. On reaching gate Lena’s starving stomach reminded her of the pulao-rice dish which was in her bag, She opens the box and the smell of the food reached almost everyone around her like a wildfire, the crowed was gazing her with , judgmental looks ,she ignored them with her fake indifferent face and kept swallowing the food silently…
To pass 3 hours Lena phoned her friends about her adventurous plan and started observing people , Lena saw a lady with dozy eyes, swollen face in red sweater sleeping like zombie at the airport waiting for the same flight.

And then it was boarding announcement for the flight to Denmark.
Both the seats next to her were vacant in the flight. She hoped for some interactive person to sit next to her and then came the red sweater zombie lady settling her stuff near Lena’s seat and which led to 9 hours journey of Lena with this sleeping zombie. Making it a silent journey. The zombie was sleeping that Lena could not get the courage to disturb her to go for peeing. Leaving Lena into miserable condition she kept sleeping for nine hours. This zombie had strong senses of sniffing since whenever the meal was served she opens her heavy eyes keep it in front seat pocket and sleeps again. Finally she woke up to have that cold preserved food after nine hour of sleep and was sigh of relief for Lena since now she can move to relieve herself.

Literature-Ashort story

Fiction, Literature
We Heart It Books 8       

a literature on shed

little girl going through that

oh, she looked around and realized a contrasting world,

high school maths and graduation class,

she needed to follow the surround  ,

couldn't withhold her Literature's sound


she ran that race

of grades being unable to embrace....

with the lavish and fun, passion was missing in all she learns…

headed to seek all fields and backwoods

couldn’t  find the worldly goods...

Here, the tall dark man showed her dusty shed

beneath the autumn ,unveiling the leaves sunbaked

she got her repressed literature  , was overwhelmed...

she gave the gaze

and plopped down to write a new page ..





Breastfeeding in India


Breast feeding is a blessing for the babies! In 27th year of breast-feeding week, campaign aims to promote policies that will encourage women and make it easier for them to breastfeed everywhere. A movement at the global levels. But on the ground levels ,Women are humiliated during breast-feeding. They are stared upon, videographed and shamed for feeding their infants. Women are helpless to breast-feed their kids publicly at bus stops, train stations, temples, restaurants because there are no cabins or lactation rooms at these places. New mothers are even more reluctant to feed their hungry infant because of the mistreating crowd around them. There is, neither an open mentality nor a closed cabin! Although they are “well equipped” with narrow minded thought process. Many women sit on the floor of a bus, train station to feed their baby. Mothers have even fed little infants in the public toilets at the bus stops. One can only empathize with it, if their food served in a stinky public toilet. If a women gets fortunate enough to find a chair and sit, outside a ticket counter or control room, the so called authoritative people will come and ask you to leave the chair and go somewhere else to feed the child! ” yaha mat baith, kahi aur pila le”. Surf the internet, there are thousand of stories narrating these disgusting behaviors .One section of the society believes that breast feeding is acceptable in the rural parts of the country and it’s an issue in the urban areas while the reality is, it entirely depends on a mother’s patience and strength to bear/ ignore the gazing eyes. If you accept the humiliation, then only you can feed in public. Oglers will Stare. Mostly women don’t raise their voice rather they try to hide themselves.

“Matratva” is most valued and preached in India but we are people who don’t stand for its liberty. “Ma janani hai, Srishti Ka Aadhar” hai but the same Janani, Maa and Aadhar will be humiliated for breastfeeding. To us “Matratva” looks good only when it’s in house behind the viel. We don’t have courage to stand for “Janani” . We can only celebrate power of Maa in festivals like navratri but when it comes to reality we shame the true kushmanda and Skandmata among us.

Navratri ki shubhkamnayein…

I wish this Navratri, Mother “Maa” will bless everyone with courage to stand for the mothers, to feel pride for every woman who breastfeeds and bless people with broad-mindedness to accept breastfeeding at public places,ithout shaming them.

To: The Failed Entrepreneur


“I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.” –Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder and CEO


Becoming a business person and having an established organisation is a dream which is really pacing up these days with a very lucrative name called “Start up”. Each one of us is either indulged in it or have an acquaintance moving towards it… Start ups are results of dreams or circumstances

We have seen dreamers turning Entrepreneur and they are sometimes switching from different roles to entrepreneur

A fresher turning Entrepreneur

A successful corporate employee turning Entrepreneur

An unhappy employee turning entrepreneur

Company expelled employee turns entrepreneur

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.”

You begins with a blue print and handful of people who trust yoy. Some say yes to your ideas, leaving an impression to motivate and others do not deny also, this gives you courage to keep heading towards your idea. In a startup Savings, Effort and Time is invested with Dedication. With Each day and night of struggle this dream becomes more firm and you starts valuing inputs, clients and ideas more than investments! Gradually money starts flowing. An entrepreneur is both ,a founder and a labor. Many times an investor. With each going day challenges change and the distance between you are your dreams keeps increasing with new milestones and difficulties on your way. Physically you are involved in gathering resources, clients and mentally you are scared of sinking to the failure. At hard times too, you try to keep strength and driving forward to save your business from nosedive. Then, what are the reasons which over ruled this effort and led to the fall?

What are major reasons for the failure of Startup?

Lack of skills: Mostly entrepreneurs find their co-founders from relatives or college friends, such co-founders are hired for their willingness to help startup, which overrules the basic imperative factor i.e skill set. Infact college friends would also have similar skill set and maturity as you, which leads to lack of variety in terms of skills and vision.

Team incompatibility: It has been vastly observed that in most of the budding companies complete team has only technical people who are managing sales and other domains. Moreover, Founders avoid to hire person who is more smarter and has better skill set than themselves. These insecurities land up a team with inefficient similar thinkers. Lack of trust, different dedication levels and integrity issues are major reasons for a start-up to end up at conflict and eventually fails.

Poor Market study: Not finding product-market fit, Inability to understand product’s requirement in the market and weak approach to access market efficiently. Most of the failures occur after product launch as they lag at selling product or finding right buyers.

Poor Business Interrution plans: Youth possess the enthusiasm but lack at handling business interruptions and crisis situations beacuse they do not have plan, backup and multiple connections for to handle issues like lack of material, transportation, climatic hazards, legal knowledge of their rights to tackle the crisis and emergency.

Lose Focus:The leadership is unable to set a clear strategy for the company and stick with it long enough to succeed, resulting in a lot of wasted money and energy from constant changes in direction.” Not analyzing fine line between stubbornness and persistence which often leads to wastage of money.

Eventually only 10%-20% start ups are successful and other just end-up in a year or two. What happens to the rest 80%

How does the failure looks:?
Insecurity and Stress
Investors asking for their money
Insufficient budget for family & living
Struggle to get back on job or finding other sources of money

Its more important to focus on next step rather than failure

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” – Jack Canfield

“Failure happens all the time. It happens every day in practice. What makes you better is how you react to it.” Mia Hamm


What can an entrepreneur do after failure of a business!

There are many options

  1. Getting Corporate job back again
  2. Working as a freelancer to get back your skills and confidence for sometime wherein you will be benefited with some salary as well and then switching to proper corporate job at renowned firm:Some people say, they have forgotten their skills since they have not brushed up their skills from almost a year or two as it was not required at their start up and now getting short listed at a company is tougher, They are not sure if they are still good at coding or operations or their work which were their skills during job, since they have not touched it from years . In this scenario start freelancing and working for some small startup which has same or similar software to work upon. This will help you in gaining some experience you some experience, brushing up your concepts and build your confidence to clear an interview in bigger firms.
  3. If you still have Funds, you can gain the required skills by learning , training and working in the same field for few years to improvise yourself. Later, you can start your own business once you are all equipped with knowledge, better planning, understanding on handle loopholes and all major aspects to make it a success

Can a failed entrepreneur get job in a company?

Yes. of-course! A failed entrepreneur is not only a failed personality but a hard worker who has potential to work 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, a risk taker and a planner. His dedication levels are extremely higher than a normal employee . He would have better experience or handling people, utilizing resources and ability to fight challenges which can never be learnt in a stable job. So in many ways your are refined and polished than a normal employee…

Finding a job:

  • Edit your resume and give meaningful title and keywords related to your skills, designation(founder/co founder Hr Head, project manager, analyst, SAS, SQL , MDS, C++ expert etc”)
  • Highlight your skills at search engines , appropriate companies seeking these skills will definitely get in touch with you.
  • You would have better chances of getting hired in a company which works in similar domain as that of your start up. Look for the companies which has similar product as that of your start up or similar raw material , you can approach them with more confidence and showcase everything you have learnt in your start up this will get you great chances of getting hired there and more experience in your passionate field . It will be easy to crack and get in the similar industry. They would prefer you because you would have thorough knowledge about their products, raw materials, client market and challenges. Such jobs will get you better satisfaction and experience for life. You would also learn about the mistakes you made at your start up.

Few companies will definitely hit you with the questions like

why should the company trust you? What assures that you wont repeat it and go back to some start-up again?
Well for this there are various ways to handle this question

  • Showcase your experience as you will show when you have worked in another company, like
    xyz company(founder, .net expert and Project manager) Experience 2 yrs
    this will highlight your skills.
  • Explain them upfront that having a start up has enhanced all your skills and you have ability to work with more integrity since you have already faced hardships of startup and would not like to do it now

As it is said, the success might have just postponed for that moment.You would definitely get success in life. You have tried something than usual and at least you would be satisfied with the effort you have put in with heads held high.

There are many books written on people who succeeded after massive failures. There are people who failed at their start upsand then succeeded at their jobs. In biographies you will find many such people who tasted failure again and again and eben worked at worked in corporate and smaller firms. They learnt , prepared , gathered the courage to start second business at their late 40s which were a massive success later. Keep preparing for your dreams and live that dream at the right time. Failure doesn’t mean you should leave your dream rather prepare your self better for the next time. You will definitely succeed it just needs right effort and knowledge. Learnt it today and prove it tomorrow.

“The failures and struggles of today will be the juiciest parts of your success story.”





  • Trust: Stop pointing your child for everything that goes wrong, Even if the reason is bad grades, marks, quarrels with friends or may be a relative. Although your child will also be guilty but LISTEN to them, this builds trust. They will Image result for trust your teenknow that there parents will always give them a  chance to say there point. They will be more open to share which gives them comfort at home feeling.




  • Set Rules and Encourage Communication: Teens are very sensitive and most of the children become rebellious at this age. Its delicate age wherein  parents need to be strict and soft together. You should take wise  steps which will be healthy for your relationship  with your teen. Nagging and Image result for teens and parentskeeping eye on each activity will be too harsh and teens get reluctant to spend time with family on over interference. Positive approach is to set some agreed upon rules for the house. Like , All will have dinner together or no phones after 10’ clock ,Everyone should turn up for family functions, Not more than 2 outing within Six months or something else which suits as per your family structure or timing. Such rules set automatic alarm to your child wherein your child will know his limits and will not find himself caged. This will make him comfortable as you will not be nagging kn everything and he will feel homely. It’s like liberty with rules. It gives good results when teens are Involve to set the rules. Ask ideas from them. Do not impose your rules on them, ask what good with them. How family should stay connected or can better understand each other. Once they feel you value their ideas, they will be more agreed when rules are set.
  • Praise efforts: Focus more on your teens efforts. Its good you Appreciate the result but its imperative to appreciate their effort and journey through that destinaImage result for praise your  teenagertion. Appreciate success but appreciate the pains he has gone through.Praise the scarifies he has made to achieve the success. This will help whenever he will fail because failure wont haunt him. Instead he would know, that you appreciate his hard work rather focusing only on rewards. Inculcate their belief system with power of hardworking. Remind them, putting effort and attempting is more important than the result.
  • DIY: Yes do it yourself. This really works well to teach them to be self reliant and confident hand in hand. Don’t enforce everything on studies and school. Share little responsibilities with them like they will make the dining table for weekend dinner. This will make him feel confident, responsible and he will feel like everybody looks upon him for weekend dinner. This will in turn give him happiness that he is doing his bit to make everyone happy. Or let him cook breakfast for everyone twice a month. All these are little happy habits that keep family connected and teens feel they are responsible and can do it. In long run they will be inculcated with the power of self reliance and they will have clear vision to achieve task alone. They will also know how to manage to get things done on time. They will also become organized.

Image result for self reliant teenImage result for self reliant teenImage result for self reliant teen
















  • Teach them to face failure and Participate: Teens mostly avoid the things where they fear the failure. Teens fail to succeed  in Sports, Math, English or any competition because they smell their inability in comparison to others and moreover become reluctant to try it. Teach them, it’s really okay if they are not good today or failed today. It does not imply that the aim is unattainable. They can achieve it if they will continuously strive for it. Practicing a Image result for try you cansport daily will definitely improve them or revising the tough subjects will definitely bring their confidence and fetch them good marks. When they fear something, make them practice it daily. They will become comfortable with that topic in 4 -5 regular sessions.
  • Assertiveness: basic reason between failures and fighters.  teens tend to get either introvert or too rebellious when they are not able to grasp anything in school or coaching. Introvert teens feel ashamed and begin to fall behind iImage result for assertive  quotationnstead of asking a question.       Rebellious teens get rude and loud if things are not as per them. Here it requires the very fine skill of assertiveness. They need to understand how to ask in positive assertive manner. Assertive teens are observed by teachers as curious students, since they get their answers, there are less chances of them to lag behind. They understand the topic clearly in class itself. Also with friends too, they share better bond. They are heard in friends group and in future they make positive remark. Image result for assertive  quotation


  • Stories: teens hate to get nagged on everything. Give them a habit of reading positive stories/ inspirational stories. Stories of failure, struggle and motivation. The more they will read, somewhere they will be able to come out of their fears. They will understand that feelings of fear, shame are temporary, what matters most is their effort and who they are. These stories are true motivation. Since these are not mere words but the experimented experienced tales. Image result for read positive stories




Observe their passion

Understand the mind and interest of your child. Polish their skills which are as per his passion . There is always high chance of success in the field of your passion . It’s imperative ,in long run you will know your child’s interest and help him make career in the right direction. Give them best knowledge of everything and ask them to perform better. But as a parent it’s your duty to silently observe his inclination.


Image result for passion and success quote


I live uncertain yet I have dreams
I confine myself however I have wings

I am choking out wherein I can breath

I am warping to be garbage wherein I can settle for health

I know I can accomplish ,I will and I hone

In any case, I decide to simply postpone

I want to work for it yet I favor it to be served in plate

I aspire to much more, to write through day and the evenings till late

At that point, I ponder and abhor thing that’s hampering my zeal

To my wonder it’s me , my stupor which is overpowering my will

I have two lives, the stressed one which I live
And the one which my fantasies do weave..

Today, I choose to wear what I weave

and from this minute to experience my dreams.

Enjoy your Being

Motivation, women